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Presentations made by Professor Justin McCarthy, Professor and Historian at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, and Mr. Bruce Fein, a US lawyer specializing in constitutional and international law, who served as an advisor to the former US President Ronald Reagan. Also includes the opening and closing statements made by Mr. Maurice Vellacott M.P., who is currently a Conservative Member of the Canadian Parliament.

Scott Taylor’s new book
Unreconciled Differences – Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan

During the Past century, there have been two major clashes in the Anatolia-Caucasus region, both resulting in the widespread slaughter and forced expulsion of innocent civilians from all sides. The first ocurred when the strain of the Great War caused the collapse of both the Ottoman Empire and Czarist Russia.

The second conflict erupted between 1988 – 1994, when the disintegration of the Soviet Union left a temporary power vacuum in the Caucasus, and the new republics of Azerbaijan and Armenia battled over the sovereignty of Nagorno-Karabakh.

What these two confilcts also share is that few in the West have observed, chronicled, or been able to fully understand the complexity of the situation. Those existing accounts are rife with partisan propaganda and widely divergent assessments.

Unfortunately, the unreconciled differences of their shared history continue to negatively impact the lives of the Turks, Armenians and Azeris in the present. If left unresolved, this will prevent their progress towards a peaceful and mutually beneficial coexistence in the future.

Written by former Canadian Soldier turned war correspondent Scott Taylor, this book is based both on in depth historical research and on Taylor’s personal findings on reporting trips to the area speaking with followers leaders and everything in between on both sides of the conflict.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Türkkaya Ataöv on Armenian Issue

Türkkaya Ataöv is Professor Emeritus in International Relations at Ankara University, Turkey. He did his graduate work in the United States, where he received two M.A.s (NYU & Syracuse Univ.) and a Ph.D. (1959, Syracuse U., NY). He taught at Ankara Univ. for more than four decades and lectured in several American, British, Russian, German, Dutch, Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, African and Australian universities.

He is the author of close to 140 books (most of which have been in foreign languages and printed in Europe or in the Americas), a few hundred academic treaties, and a few thousand newspaper articles. His writings have been translated into 20 languages and appeared in 17 European, 13 Asian, 5 African, and 3 American states plus Australia…

A Turkish perspective on 1915
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