CTC disagrees with restrictions on high-tech exports to Turkey

Posted on: April 15, 2021

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

The Council of Turkish Canadians (CTC) condemns Global Affairs decision to cancel permits for export of hi-tech military equipment to Turkey. This is a biased decision and reflects the Canadian Armenians’ disproportionate influence on Canadian foreign policy. No ethnic group should be allowed to determine Canada’s foreign policy.

It is fact that Turkey sided with Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabagh was last Fall. This was in line with international law.  Armenians were the aggressor in this long-standing conflict. CTC believe it is unjustified for Canada to reward aggression and to go against international law.

No less than four UNSC Resolutions have called on Armenian occupation forces to withdraw from almost a third of Azerbaijan territory taken over since early 1990s, causing more than a million Azerbaijan refugees in their own homeland.

Furthermore, singling out Turkey, a NATO ally, is unfair. Israel, alongside Turkey, also supported Azerbaijan, providing Azerbaijan forces with drone technology. Moreover, Canada has continued with military exports to Saudi Arabia.

As regards the facts of Turkish drones, these are driven by domestic technology. Indeed, Turkish drones are now exported to Ukraine in the latest conflict with Russia. Turkey, as a NATO country, is doing the right thing, in Azerbaijan and Ukraine. We expect the same thing from our own Government.

Accordingly, CTC request a reconsideration of this negative decision and immediate restoration of friendly cooperation with the Turkish government.  

Yours sincerely,

Zahide Sezerman

President, Council of Turkish-Canadians (CTC)